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Approximate trigger pull weight of 3lbs. Full-auto bolt carrier required Designed for AR-15 platforms** Works with standard H2 and H3 buffers Reinforced Hardox™, the world’s most abrasion-resistant steel Anti-walk pins included WOT is a true drop-in, plug-and-play trigger

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WOT Trigger: A Wide Open Trigger (WOT) is also a trigger assembly designed to be fitted into an AR-15 style firearm. It is a copy of the FRT-15(ar-15 platforms ). When an FRT-15 or WOT is fitted into a firearm, the firearm will fire multiple rounds. Without manual reloading automatically by a single function of the trigger.

FAQ On Trigger Pull(WOT Trigger )

A light trigger pull is a crucial component of long-range accuracy as the force needed to move the trigger is less likely to move the gun. A heavier pull, though, is often beneficial for those who hunt on the move. Or in heavy brush, or from shooting positions that require solid grip in the shooting hand itself.

  • What is normal trigger pull?
Trigger Pull Weight: Is Lighter Always Better? | NRA Family

Most striker-fired semiauto pistols have trigger pull weights that range from 5 to 7 pounds, and these triggers generally have some take-up.

  • What happens when the trigger is pulled?

What happens when you pull the trigger? – Quora. The sear releases the hammer, or striker which in turn hits the firing pin which pinches the priming compound between the cup and the anvil in the primer igniting it. This in turn ignites the gunpowder which starts to burn building pressure in the case.

FAQ On Bolt Carrier

The bolt carrier group performs all these tasks by harnessing the gas produced by the round being fired. A gas tube connects a gas port on the barrel to the gas /carrier key atop the BCG. This key forces all that high-velocity gas into the body of the BCG.

  • What is the difference between bolt carriers?
Full-Auto Bolt Carrier vs. Semi-Auto - SpiceTac | AR-15 Parts

The big difference is the bolt carrier group is left intact at the rear and has a large lug on the bottom designed to trip a full-auto sear. The full auto lug doesn’t do anything without a (highly-regulated) fully-automatic sear. And lower receiver, so it’s not regulated like those parts are.

FAQ On Drop In Replacement Trigger

The self-contained, drop in trigger eliminates the tiny variances that plague the standard trigger group. The unit, when combined as a whole, provides consistency in such areas as creep, overtravel, and trigger reset.

  • What does a drop in trigger do?

Standard trigger groups feature all the fire control group parts separated. And need to be pieced together and installed much like a mil-spec trigger. While drop-in trigger are pre-assembled and contained within a casing that simply drops in to the receiver and accepts the pins, hence the name.

  • Are drop in triggers safe?

Drop-In Triggers
If you look at AR competitors, they almost always use a drop-in trigger, but they’re well-suited for defensive purposes, too. Drop-in triggers are known to be incredibly light and also fun to shoot, and with modern designs, they’re incredibly safe. Forces the trigger, professional gunsmith, locking bar, abrasion resistant, patent pending spring carrier, endure repetitive, wot is easily installed, designed for ar-15, wot is designed, forced reset trigger.


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